Spotlight on Elijah Powell

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Spotlight on Elijah Powell

Lauren Heibel, Writer

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has become the biggest news around Murray as the performances come to an end.

Elijah Powell, a senior at Murray High plays Caractacus Potts in the show. Caractacus Potts is the inventor and main protagonist who believes that “Teamwork can make impossibilities come true” as he works for his two children in order to achieve a goal.

This show is Powell’s fifth year performing on stage, but his sixth year doing anything theater related as in his first year, he worked for the lights in  Hillcrest Jr. High’s production of “Into the Woods.”

 “I feel like we have a little bit of everything,” Powell says. “We have all sorts of people. People who I have seen not do theater before, people who I have seen do a lot of theater and people I’ve seen only do theater, so that’s really cool.”

 Powell claims that his hardest part in his role in general, is where he knows the lines but he just doesn’t know exactly where they cross so he would just switch little blips of the word.

“I have so much in common with my character which is spectacular,” he says. “I have been the one who has been doing the most work on Chitty the car which makes sense because Caractacus is the inventor. I am crazy often as Caractacus is as well. I just have a lot in common with my character which is fun to do.”

Powell says that he hopes to participate in two Murray High plays,“Peter and the Star Catcher” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” later this year.