Hop on Over to Hip Hop Club

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Hop on Over to Hip Hop Club

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Surprisingly, Murray High School has its own Hip Hop Club. It’s a new club that just started this year, but why was it started in the first place?

The advisor for the Hip Hop Club, teacher John Smith, loves hip hop, and wants to bring the genre of hip hop “out of obscurity, and give it a place in the school.” According to Smith, in our culture “hip hop is often as a genre is often portrayed as bad, often vilified.” 

Some studies suggest listening to hip hop will make people want to do degrading and bad things. But that’s just not the case. For example, country muisc often sends the same type of messages, but it gets a pass because it’s American music. When you think of country, you think of America, and beer and trucks. While when you think of hip hop, you think of violence, gangs, and the streets. But that’s not always the case

That’s just the stereotypical view of the genre.

John Smith was first brought into the genre when he was just 11 years old. While walking to school, he would listen to various artists like Dr. Dray, Wu Tang Clan, and many more.

But what makes hip hop, hip hop? A song is considered hip hop based on it’s “beat, message, and style” of delivery from the artist. Today, he listens to Eminem, Logic, Young Sinatra 4, Kendric Lamar and the classic artists.  

Hip Hop Club meets on Monday after school in John Smith’s room (242). You should join Hip Hop club because “the nature of hip hop is stick it to the man.”

Smith said, “Even so, if you don’t want to join hip hop club, its okay,if not, I still love you.”