Yoga Club

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Yoga Club

Rashan Johnson, Writer

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One of the newest clubs here at Murray High School is the Yoga Club. 

Yoga is a practice that has been proven to help boost mindfulness, flexibility and strength and now students at Murray High can now either join a yoga club or a class.

Ms. Jepson, the department chair of physical education at Murray High School, started this year by creating a yoga class where students can enjoy learning and doing yoga with an instructed help.

Jepson was able to start up the yoga class by attending a 12-hour training course led by a yoga instructor.  

From that she got a certification that allowed her to propose the class to the school board.  WIthin a month Jepson was able to get the class up and running.

Jepson was soon approached by some students, one being Annika Salveson a student at Murray High and the yoga club president, to be the advisor of a new club where students could do yoga outside of one of their scheduled classes. 

“Yoga can help students with stress, academic performance and physically,” said Jepson when asked why students should want to participate.

If you want to participate in yoga club you can go after school to the library at 2:45 every Monday.

Right now yoga club sees regular participation from 15 students and they would enjoy for more students to come in and do yoga.