Review: Detroit: Become Human

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Review: Detroit: Become Human

Colin Lofgren, Writer

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There has always been inequality in human history. Starting with African Americans as slaves in the Americas, then followed by women’s suffrage. People have proven that we will fight for our rights, however, what if the protests were done by technology?

That is the story in the game Detroit: Become Human. The game takes place in the year 2038 where humans have created their greatest piece of technology to date, Androids. Androids are completely obedient to their creators and have no free will of their own.

Until one day they’ve simply had enough. Androids eventually found a way for themselves to deviate from the will of their masters and gain free will of their own. Which of course is illegal.

The player goes through the story as three different characters: Markus played by Jesse Williams, Connor played by Bryan DeChart, and Kara played by Valorie Curry. Kara is a simple machine for cleaning houses and doing work for others, until she meets a young child known as Alice. She grows to care for Alice and deviates to protect Alice; these two try to get to Canada in order to be safe from Law enforcement.

My personal favorite, Connor, is a detective to find out why deviants are showing up and how to stop it. He starts as simply an obedient dog just doing what is expected of him. He meets up with his partner, Hank, a human who wants nothing to do with the investigation. As the two go on more investigations, they grow closer and Connor begins to understand emotion.

Or maybe he doesn’t.

Markus is a butler to his owner Carl who is a painter. The two are good friends and Carl always taught Markus that he is his own person. Carl shows Markus how to paint and free his mind from a strict set of rules, until there is an accident, Markus deviates and is thrown out for scrap. Markus makes it out of the dump and leads the revolution for Android rights and freedom.

One of the greatest beauties of this game is that it shows just how much choice matters. As you, the player, progress through the story, you are the one making the choices for the story to follow. Either leading the Androids toward freedom, or to their death. Every accomplishment or mistake you make may not seem to be a big deal in the beginning, but it will always show itself later.

This game is truly amazing in how the story was brought to life. It shows the power of human emotions and how you can change the world if you truly care to change it. The joys you experience when you succeed or pain you feel when making a critical mistake keeps you on your toes making this game astounding.

The controls are simple and even if you are new to video games, you can easily pick this game up to experience the story. 

Even experienced gamers will have a blast playing through the game due to certain points where quick reactions are necessary. Although there are simple controls, it isn’t always easy. For Androids who want freedom, there are dangers lurking within every crowd and around every corner. 

Good judgement is probably one of the biggest elements within the game, even if you don’t have good reactions, you can have a good ending just by your choices. The game is very well balanced making it able to be played for everyone, well, kind of.

Due to the realism of Detroit it is rated M for mature audiences. There are very real problems within the game causing there to be diversity in the use for Androids and what people do with their lives. Violence, Sexual Themes, Partial Nudity, Use of Drugs and Strong Language give the rating for M. Although it isn’t so terrible that teens over 15 years old would be able to handle it. This game is definitely not for all teens, however, with the amount of strong language.

Certain characters know how to really run their mouth off. I would argue,however, that there is nothing in this game that they haven’t already heard at a school.

Personal opinion aside, if you are over 17 and itching for a great story, this game is for you. The scenery and music add an ambience to the game that takes your breath away. If you are unsure about the rating then I’d say just give it a shot for a few minutes, it’ll have what you are looking for. This game matches and surpasses expectations.