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Psychology is one of the most popular classes offered here at Murray High School. The teacher of this class, is none other than Danie Mckay. 

Mckay grew up in San Diego, California and went to Poway Highschool. From there, she went to Dominican University of California with a bachelor’s degree in History. After college, she coached college softball, which she grew up playing, and Dominican University. 

She coached college softball for eight years, and then got offered to go back to San Diego to coach a competitive travel softball team, which is part of a larger organization called Factory. Mrs. Mckay coached her Factory team for two years and then moved to Utah. 

“I got into a master’s program in teaching,” she said, which is why she moved to Utah.

“I was full time in my master’s program, got a job at Beans and Brews, because it was the only thing that worked with my master’s schedule, because a girl was busy. That’s all I’m saying. A girl was busy.”  

Her student teaching for her degree was already at Murray High School. She was covering for the psychology teacher who had quit. Mrs. Mckay was also made head softball coach and right after graduating, she was hired to teach full time. But what had made her want to become a teacher in the first place?

“Coaching actually because it made me realize that I wanted to, because I had such a crappy high school experience, I wanted to try to be a catalyst of hope, for some high school students, and just wanted to help them find who they are.” 

Teaching may have its ups and downs, but what has made teaching at Murray such a great experience? 

“Honestly, I think it’s just my rapport with the students, I feel like being here has been a really great opportunity for me to share how I got here, and I’ve grown as a person, I feel like students teach me a lot about life, and not everything goes as planned. How to adapt when things don’t go to plan.”

Mrs. Mckay is always known for her sage advice and the closeness that she has with her students. So as we close out this profile on Mrs. Mckay, let’s have her leave us with one of her famous pieces of advice:

 “Don’t sacrifice who you are to please other people, that’s a lonely road.”