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Nnenna Eke-Ukoh

Nnenna is a senior writer at Murray High. She is Nigerian; she was born there and came to the United States with her mom and younger brother when she was two years old. She plays soccer competitively and loves playing goalkeeper. She enjoys watching and playing basketball a little more than soccer because of this, she coaches a Jr. Jazz team. Nnenna has two jobs that she somewhat can tolerate, she is a Certified Nursing Assistant and a referee for the Murray Recreation Center. Along with everything that Nnenna is doing, she is also a die hard Sam Smith fan. She knows every single word to every song; so don't be afraid to test her knowledge! She absolutely cannot wait to graduate. She is glad to say that she will be attending San Diego State University this fall. Nnenna is very excited for what her future has in store for her!

If you see her in the halls, don't be afraid to say hi.

Nnenna Eke-Ukoh, Writer

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