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  • Congratulations Drew Cash! He just signed to play football for Idaho State!

  • Congrats to Maxs Tupai! He just signed with The University of Utah!!

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  • We are officially starting up Math Lab!! It will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in Room 223

  • Have U's?? Saturday School – 8-11:00am. Bring Something To Do!

Dear Murray High,

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Murray High Students,

Every student you see right now is dealing with trials that you cannot fully understand nor comprehend. The person to your left might be dealing with mental or physical problems like a heart disease or has to go to therapy sessions every other week because they have depression. The student to your right might be dealing with bullies. You never know what the person right next to you is going through, so be kind always. Cheer someone up by a smile, a simple “Hello.”, even if [it] is just an acknowledgement for them to know they are visible.

We all have a judgement on ourselves as well as others. I am Mormon and often times I am judged both positively and negatively on my religion.

Nothing in the world compares to how you look at yourself. “Why do we try to fit in, when we were born to stand out?”. How can we be born to stand out, if we try to let the stereotypical teenager try to tell us how to fit in when really, we just need to accept the fact that nobody is perfect nobody on this earth is. I am telling you now that we all need to be ourselves and not let anybody take our power from us. You all have potential and strength, find it [and] let it progress.

I am Mormon and that is my message to you.

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MHS Student News
Dear Murray High,