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  • Congratulations Drew Cash! He just signed to play football for Idaho State!

  • Congrats to Maxs Tupai! He just signed with The University of Utah!!

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  • We are officially starting up Math Lab!! It will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in Room 223

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“Dying to be Alive”

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Dead when slicing your arms is the only way to feel.

Empty when absolutely nothing makes you happy anymore.

Scared when you hear your parents screaming at each other in the next room.

Lonely when you go to school with nobody to talk to.

Heartbroken when the person you love is seen kissing another.

Depressed when all hope seems to be lost.

Crying when you can’t be in public without panicking.

Believing when people call you “fat” or “ugly” or “worthless”.

Surprised when someone says hello to you in the hall.

Confused when they smile at you like you’re their friend.

Shy when they ask what you like to do for fun.

Silent when they inquire about your home life.

Curious when you hear that they like similar things you do.

Shocked when they get a smile out of you.

Afraid when they ask you to hang out.

Embarrassed when you start crying.

Dumbfounded when they show you their scars.

Warm when they pull you in for a hug.

Overjoyed when they invite you to their group.

Thrilled when you realize you’re smiling daily.

Excited when your new friends invite you to a party.

Exuberant when your new love interest talks to you.

Relieved when your mother says she’s leaving your monstrous father.

Proud when you flush your blades down the drain.

Confident when you go out in public.

Happy when you think about your life now.

Alive when you realize that everything turned out fantastic.


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MHS Student News
“Dying to be Alive”