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Who’s the Fairest of them All?

Assembly of the year: Prince Charming 2k16

Samantha Watts, Staff Writer

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On Friday, January 29th, senior boy nominees competed for a title worth bragging about: Murray High School’s Prince Charming of 2016. The plot was simple: these 13 boys would get on stage for the whole school to see, strut their stuff, and hope that hosts Ms. Griffin and Mr. Dittmer would call their name in the end.

The candidates were as follows: Benj Trujillo, Preston Hunter, Said Huante, Mitch Clawson, Bryson Leithead, Max Klinger, Luke Shipley, Jett Jones, Moses Taeoalii, Garen Earley, Nate Page, and Ephraim Cook. Together, after weeks of practice, they put on an amazing show for the school.


Opening Act

For their big opening act, Prince Charming candidates performed a beautifully choreographed dance to
show off their skills. If there’s a way to say the heart-eyes emoji out loud, that’s the noise every girl in the audience made when the boys stepped out in their white tank tops and started danced like nothing you’ve ever seen. The weeks of hard work in the studio really paid off for that final performance.

Men’s Drill


Men’s Drill walks off stage after a hilarious and perfect performance.

One or two times a year, a few boys will band together and perform as a Men’s Drill team, and that’s exactly what these boys did for the talent portion of the Prince Charming assembly. They pulled all sorts of adorable stunts and dance moves in perfect timing, showing once again that Drill really should have a branch for senior boys.


Walk that runway, Preston Hunter!


Though not as scandalous as it sounds, the swimsuit competition was entertaining and hilarious to watch. The boys went all out in their best “swimwear” ranging from Sumo-suits to muscle t-shirts and played up the audience to bring in the judges’ votes. Seeing the candidates showing off their beachwear can only be described in one way: fabulous!


Suspense to see who would pull through in the end grew tenfold when Ms. Griffin called the names of the top three contestants–Jett Jones, Moses Taeoalii, and Ephraim Cook. In the end, after Ms. Griffin asked the top three their mystery question–“What person from history are you most like, and why?”–the judges voted in their winner, Moses Taeoalii! Moses gave a heartfelt answer about his grandfather, saying that his grandpa is the man he’d like to be. From the collective “awwww” the audience gave, it was already apparent he would be the winner.


Moses Taeoalii talking to the other contestants after he accepts his crown.

Although there was only one winner, every contestant did an amazing job. Who knows what to expect from Prince Charming assemblies in years to come!


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Who’s the Fairest of them All?