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Murray High Food Drive

Beau Sheffield, Staff Writer

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utah-food-bankMany of you have probably heard about the Murray high school food drive that had been going on, but who are the people behind this service project?

This entire service is being handled by the interact club, headed by Porter Plant.

The club got the idea from the University of Utah, who contacted them, asking them to assist the Utah food bank.

All of the proceeds are headed to the food bank.

The food bank is set to accomplish its honorable goal of feeding those in Utah who are unsure of when they are going to get their next meal.

According to,  1 in 7 Utahans are at risk of going hungry, and 1 in 5 children are suffering starvation.

Even though the food drive has ended on November 30th but are still wondering what is acceptable to donate, Mr. Plant recommends something that is both nutritious and tasty, like chicken noodle soup or clam chowder. Donated food should be non-perishable.

Thanks to the Utah Food Bank we can be our community’s savior just like how our state bird was for the Mormon pioneers.

The state bird of Utah is the California seagull, and believe it or not, it’s beauty didn’t earn that title.

There is a story behind why this bird became a symbol for our home state.

When the Mormon Pioneers first arrived here they faced mass starvation. This is because of insects we now know as Mormon Crickets. These crickets would come in swarms, eating and destroying hundreds of acres of Mormon Farmland. Mormon pioneers needed these crops to survive the cold winter months ahead of them

The only thing that kept the Mormon pioneers from starving was our state flower; the sego lily. However, many pioneers were still in danger of starving as the winter months drew near. Then, something miraculous happened.

It is known as the “miracle of the gulls” In which hundreds of Seagulls native to the Great Salt Lake took to the skies marking war on the crickets. These birds saved roughly 4,000 pioneers by using the crickets as their own source of food.

We face a similar issue today. However, seagulls cannot save us this time nor are there enough sego lily’s around to sustain those suffering from starvation, it’s up to us now.

However, since this project has been over now over, the Interact club has no plan for their next project.

If you know of any other problems our community faces, or have any questions about the food drive, contact Mr. Plant at [email protected]

Thank you for your charity, keep up the good work Murray.

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Murray High Food Drive