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The Best that Never Was

Savahn Walker, Staff Writer

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savahns-article-pictureThis is the tale of an adolescence of 98′. His name is Christopher Robert Marcell II. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is currently a Senior at Murray High-school.

Robert has to have the toughest heart in the world. My dude first transferred to Murray from Jordan High-School when he was Junior. He came to Murray with intentions to take this football program to Rice Eccles, but not every story ends with a happily ever after.

During a seemingly regular summer practice, Robert was killing it, showing off for the coaches. I’m talking about everybody was on my dude’s tip. He was proving to everyone why he deserved to be a part of the program and why he could take them to the championship.

Rob was up to run the play. He took the handoff, and BAM! He cut so smooth and sprinted for 20 yards, bypassing all the sitting ducks the opposing team calls “defenders”. He had one man to beat. He cut again, but this time he screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

All I could think was damn, my boy is done. After practice, I went to the trainer, Ed. Robert was laying on the bed, defeated. I asked Ed what the damage was and he said it’s probably a sprain; nothing worth stressing. With false hope, I didn’t sweat it. Come to find out, he tore his ACL, his LCL and had temporary nerve damage; a career ending injury. Everyone knew Robert was never going to play another down of football in his life. But Rob was still part of the team at heart.

Rob is now a senior. He failed to try out this year because of the surgery, he was still recovering and undergoing physical therapy. He still plans on walking on to a junior college, hopefully it works out for him, so wish him luck. This boy has a strong heart and with every heart you have to have love. And this dude is in love with his girl named Serinah Smith. She also goes to Murray high-school. There is no doubt that these two are going to be married.

Rob is a really funny guy, he jokes about everything and is never serious, which has its downsides, but overall Robert is a dope person. To all y’all reading this go out and meet him. Say what’s good if you see him in the hallway and make sure to do the signature face. And roast the mess out of him about being a bum crust bucket.



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MHS Student News
The Best that Never Was