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Murray Basketball: Salem Hills

Taylor Peppinger

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           The Murray Basketball team won their game vs. Salem Hills by 7 and they are glad to get that first game under their belt. The coach of the team was pleased with the win but knows that his team can play a lot better. The players are also satisfied with the win but are still hungry to get better and to get stronger as the season goes on. The student section was extremely loud and it showed its effect on Salem hills as they missed 10 free throws when they were under pressure. The team fed off of the noise lever and used it as a boost to the intensity of the game. Murray knew that the first game was a must win and they showed they were good enough to do it. More from basketball will be presented on the article presented next week.

           The team is overall more athletic and taller than last year’s team which is good because that is an area where we can improve our play. Murray’s team should be able to maintain their great level of play from last year to this year, due to the fact that there was a learning experience from last year and now there is a chance to show how well they actually learned. Murray’s student section will be big and loud as always, the students are always supportive of their team and know how to get them to do their best. Many students think that “basketball season is the best season of the year”. I also agree.

           There are a few players from different sports that are on the team, Baseball, and Football being the main sports that these players come from. There is a want and a desire to win on this team knowing that senior year is their last chance to show what they are capable of so they can perform at the college level. Colleges won’t start looking at people until after the season so that is why it is so important now to play at the highest level possible. There are many other collegiate athletes and many of them are very talented to what they do, they may have whole teams that fit into one of these categories. So it is important that everyone on the team plays to their capability because they know that there are many others that can stand out in front of them.

            There aren’t a whole lot of sports going on at Murray high but Basketball season is here! There is a lot of anticipation for this season because the team has lost all of the seniors from last year and we have new ones that are expected to fill the role. There are a lot of people that doubt this season because of the fact that all of the seniors last year had been playing since freshmen year. So the upcoming seniors have a big role to fill because the guys last year had set the bar pretty high.

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MHS Student News
Murray Basketball: Salem Hills