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Spartan Boys Basketball: Salem Hills @ Murray

Adria Dumas

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This Tuesday’s game marks the beginning of the first game of the pre season for the Murray Boys Basketball team. This week Salem is on our court, and the boys are ready for the start of a great season.

The bleachers are already raging with anticipation and excitement. The game begins with the announcement of the teams and their starters. Murray’s line up included some players such as; Alec Vahn #1 and Taylor Peppinger #15. Peppinger, aka Swaggy T, is a senior at Murray High. He has really good technique in both his footwork and shooting. Free throws and 3’s are no big deal for Swaggy T. He’s definitely one of the best varsity players this year.

Alec Vahn, aka AAvahn, is also a senior at Murray High. He does really well at shooting. Almost all of his shots are money. AAvahn also has good technique and always hits those 3’s. He was selected as the Murray Basketball Player of the game for tonight. Both Peppinger and Vahn are amazing players and a very strong asset the team. Still weird not to see the old varsity players; but this year’s team looks good.

Spartans stay in the lead but Salem isn’t far behind. By halftime the score is 36 – 32; Murray. The boys are playing a great first game. At some point in the game Alec Vahn steps up to the free throw line, he tries to perfect his flick a da wrist but, sadly, misses both. Swagger T also is called to the free throw line where he sinks both shots with ease, as expected.

Jesse Clemmons, #20 has joined his teammates on the court. Clemmons is a senior at Murray. This is only his second year playing for the spartans, but he already fits in, kinda. He’s a very talented player and a big asset to the team. Unfortunately, Clemmons received a minor injury during the game. That didn’t stop him though. By the end of the third quarter the Spartans have a little more of a cushion, with the score being 46-40.

Murray is having a good game so far; and the boys are playing pretty strong. Salem quickly closes the gap and leaves the score ending at; 61-54 Murray. The student section is too lit as Murray easily wins another game, per usual. Even though it was a close game, the Spartans pulled through and walked away with their first victory of the preseason.

Looks like there’s going to be a great season ahead of us. The next game is a home game against T-ville on Friday, December 2nd at 7pm. Join the lit student section and show support for my boys. Go Spartans!

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MHS Student News
Spartan Boys Basketball: Salem Hills @ Murray