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College Application Week

Adam Jess

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       For many seniors, college is right around the corner! But many seniors haven’t applied for college yet, due to the fact that the process can be complicated, or that many just don’t know where to begin. Luckily, Murray High has a program, where throughout the week of Nov. 14-18, Seniors will be called down during their first period class, and walked through the college application process.
        Not only is this beneficial for the students, it relieves a lot of stress for the parents of students who are just as confused about the process of applying for colleges. Colleges are notorious for having a very confusing and harsh process for applying, as well as many hidden fees that show up during the application process. But Murray High School helps a lot with this by aiding students trying to apply, as well as waiving several colleges’ fees for applying!
        These applications are relatively simple when it comes down to it though. It basically just asks for information about you, such as your name, address, what city you live in, what you wish to study, as well as some more personal information such as your Social Security number. But security isn’t an issue in the college application process, as your info will not be viewed by anyone else besides the college that you are contesting for. The colleges mainly look at GPA, ACT scores, and any outstanding achievements that you have, and basically what kind of a person you are.
        Many colleges are listed during this application process, including Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, Salt lake Community College, Utah State, Southern Utah University, Utah Valley University, Dixie state University, Westminster, and more. Although some application fees are not waived, many of the undergrad colleges fees are waived, including Dixie, Weber, SUU; and if you attend an open house during December, UVU as well.
        The only downside to this Application aid week, is that only in-state colleges fees are waived, and not much support is available for out of state applications. But many online aides are readily available for out of state applications, so not to worry.
        Although college application week is over, It isn’t too late to apply to any of your favorite colleges! The nearest deadline is Dec. 1st for the University of Utah, and some are stretching their deadline out until months as late as April! Dixie state has a very generous application due date, so don’t fret if you haven’t applied yet, because there is still time.
        So, if you have any questions at all about college, how to apply, which college is right, or anything along those lines, don’t be afraid to approach your counselor and ask for help. The sooner you ask; the better things will turn out for you in the long run. Hesitance is the enemy of college applications, so even though you have a few weeks to figure it out. Just make sure to get it done, and good luck to you and your college career!!
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MHS Student News
College Application Week