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5 Activities to do for Prom


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5 activities to do for prom

Many Kids that are going to prom are stressed out on what they can do for an activity, mainly because there’s not much to do in the winter. Lucky for all of you there is a ton of things to do in the Salt Lake Valley.

  1. One of the more common things to do for the day activity is to go climbing at Momentum. Any of you that aren’t afraid of heights and like to get your adrenalin going will love this place. If you aren’t a big fan of the big heights, then Momentum has a bouldering wall that doesn’t require ropes. Bouldering is very fun to try because a lot of the time you will be inverted and have a huge foam pad to land on if you fall. This place is a really cool because everyone can have fun and do what they want. This place is going to run around 20$ for a day pass.
  2. Do you ever like to jump on trampolines? Airborne is the perfect place for either a big group or small group to go to. Airborne is a big trampoline park where they have a bunch of tramps lined up against each other. In specific areas of Airborne they have foam pits to jump into and try new tricks that you may have been afraid to try on a trampoline. Overall this place is really fun to go to because everyone can have fun here. The price of this place really depends on how long you want to stay. The price is 11.23$ per hour and 7.49$ per additional hour.
  3. A very popular place in park city called “gorgoza park” it’s a tubing hill that anyone can do. This place has a tow rope that will pull every one up the hill to cut out the hiking part that no one likes. The hill that every one goes down has 4 different rows with different terrain on all of them. The rows consist of different bumps and has a variation of different steepness. The tubes that the park gives you are covered with a plastic layer on the bottom to go faster. The max tubes that can go down a certain row is 4 people. The price varies to how long you go, it starts at 17$ for 2 hours and goes up for however long you want to stay there.
  4. Since we are so fortunate to live in Salt Lake City, everyone is open to going to any of the ski resorts. It really helps to have some experience with skiing or snowboarding so you know what you’re doing on the mountain. This can cost a lot of money but is a really fun experience to have with a big group. Doing this activity will cost depending on if you or your date has the gear for this. The main expense for this activity is the lift ticket which will cost between 60$-100$ depending on which resort your group goes to. The best resort would definitely be Brighton, it has the best
  5. terrain for learning how to ski.
  6. A very close activity that everyone is open to do is to go skating at the ice rink. The ice rink is right next to Murray Park up on the hill. This can be a really fun and easy activity to do with a group.


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MHS Student News
5 Activities to do for Prom