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SVTV: Behind The Scenes

Brienna Haro

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Every Wednesday during homeroom, Spartan Vision is put on to share announcements with the student body as well as entertain all of their viewers.

Even though Spartan Vision is such a short show, a lot of work and effort gets put into making each segment.

For each segment, at least twenty people are needed, and a minimum of about three takes are taken to ensure the end result is either close to perfect or perfect.

On Spartan Vision, there are five editors in total.  Their main jobs are to write scripts, collect videos and of course to edit the footage they get back from the rest of the crew.

However, if you are interested in the more technical editing, Crespo is the guy for you.  He states he really likes to edit but it does take up a lot of time.  Each segment usually takes one to two hours for it to be ready to be published on their channel.  If you are interested in signing up for Spartan Vision and trying out, make sure you are ready to put in hard work.

While talking to some of the crew/talent (on air) members of Spartan Vision, not only do they like the class but they love their teacher Mr. Moffett.  They like to hear what he has to say about their video ideas and just think of him as a great mentor as well.

As for favorite videos you might ask?  Everyone on Spartan Vision seemed to like the Full House intro and the Mannequin Challenge intro the most.  The intro’s are usually thought up of in groups and are made by everyone which explains why it’s so popular.

When asked what Mr. Moffett’s favorite part of teaching the class was, he replied with “…being able to see all these creative kids coming together to produce the final project”.

Mr. Moffett says one of the most exciting parts of Spartan Vision is probably when filming starts.  Even though they try to have everything run smoothly there has been some funny moments that viewers might not always see.

Along with Crespo, One of the crew/talent members, Sydney Cardona’s favorite part about filming and editing is when they see people trying to slip in dabbing and other weird facials in their PSA’s, interviews, and many more.  So next time Spartan Vision is on look out for bloopers that the crew thought was too good not to share.

Sydney Cardona, also says the class is usually fun but can be stressful if they have a lot of technical difficulties going head to head with the deadlines.  However, she does love the class and all of the people included with Spartan Vision.

If you are thinking about trying out for Spartan Vision, Mr. Moffett looks out for confident, hard working, well in front and behind the camera, and some theatre and tech experience.  If you are interested in doing Spartan Vision tryouts are in April, and for further information, click here for Mr. Moffett’s email.

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MHS Student News
SVTV: Behind The Scenes