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Becoming More Informed About Murray High’s Events

Sierra Cox

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Why aren’t us students as informed this year as years prior? Maybe it’s just because l

ast year I was a sophomore and sophomores, being new to the school, get a better explanation of things. So this year, as a junior, I must get less information about activities or other events happening in the school. This must be since I have now been here a year. Does it just get worse once I become a senior? I would like to continue to be up to date with upcoming events, even as a junior or next year a senior.

Juniors, did you all know that Murray’s Junior Prom is in January this upcoming year? January 28th to be exact. That seems a little early in the year to have a Prom, it must not be correct. Nope, January 28th is the correct date. Has that come as a surprise to anyone else or is it just me? It’s already December and I, being a junior, am only now hearing about the date for Junior Prom. January 7th was actually the original date, which again, did anyone else know about that date? Prom is kind of a big deal and there’s lots of planning for the big day, so I would have liked to be informed about this dance a bit sooner.

Again, Juniors, the ACT test is coming up. The ACT is already scary as is, or more so the thought of taking the ACT. Not knowing the official date for the test is a little scary. Lots of preparation and studying is necessary before taking the ACT so you’d think the school would inform us about this much sooner, right? I was told about the date of the ACT by my counselor but I was only told about it this month (December). That’s only about 2 months of preparation I’m given. While that’s plenty of time for me, other students may want more time to study.

I decided to find ways that I could find information. Sometimes information doesn’t just come to you, which means you have to go out and find that information yourself. There are more ways to getting information around Murray High School than you think.

Just going and talking to your counselor is a great source to finding out about events going on around the school. All of our school counselors are always more than happy to help us students out but what about when they’re busy? Sometimes their schedules are filled. Where do you go to get information if that is the case?

The Murray District website gives out a lot of information on upcoming events at Murray High. The website will even give out information about other events happening around the murray area. For information specifically about Murray High you can go to the Murray High School website. There’s always loads of information on the homepage of the website regarding Murray High. On the Murray website there is a calendar, this calendar will show you specific dates and times that events are.

If the counselors are busy and you don’t have Internet access you can always ask your teachers any questions you may have. Even if the counselors can’t answer any questions right away they can get back to you with more resources to get information from.

Like I previously mentioned, sometimes information isn’t just given to you. Which shows that it’s a good thing that there are other resources that us students can go to in order to get information we need (or may even just want) to know about Murray High.




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MHS Student News
Becoming More Informed About Murray High’s Events