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Murray Charity

Steven Bartholow, Staff Writer

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Murray’s Winter Charity Every year around the holidays Murray High School holds their annual winter charity event. The student body works together with their peers, staff and faculty members to raise money for a charity of the school’s choice.

The students are given a goal, and they can donate money or write letters to Santa. For every letter that’s written, Macy’s will donate one dollar to aforementioned charity. This year Murray is trying to raise ten thousand dollars for a three-year-old boy named Tyson. The money would pay for Tyson’s Make-A-Wish, which is to go to Disney World so that he can visit his hero; Lightning McQueen.

Tyson suffers from liver failure at a very young age. He has already had one liver transplant operation, which failed. He is currently on the waiting list for his second operation.

Many teachers ask their students to write letters in their classes at the beginning or end of class. It is a small amount of time spent that is well worth the effort. Incentives were given to the students of Murray that will take place on the final day of school before winter break. These incentives include, playing music over the intercom between classes, a pie throw involving the staff at Murray, the beloved geezers Mr. Durfey and Mr. Drake dressing up as Santa Claus, a dance performed by Murray’s very own SBO’s, an hour long lunch period, and the promise that Mr. Plant will bleach his hair and beard (a claim which he has denied).

The student body has already written seventy thousand letters and raised around five thousand dollars. However, based on the current progress of the charity, it was speculated that Murray wouldn’t reach their goal of ten thousand dollars. The goal has since been lowered so that all incentives would still be awarded.

A winter charity dance will also be held for the student body in honor of Tyson and this year’s charity. The “Winter Ball” will feature live music.

The charity has since ended and thousands of dollars have been awarded to Tyson’s cause. Murray thanks each and every one of you who have participated in writing letters and donating money. Thank you for your charity!

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