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Has Streaming Sites Killed The Television Star?

Brienna Haro

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When thinking of watching one of your favorite shows, where do you go to watch them?

In a survey conducted of 20 people in Murray High School, most people are watching their favorite shows on a streaming site.

If video killed the radio star, who is killing T.V?

Not only is Netflix or Hulu taking over, but so is YouTube as well.

YouTube has become more mainstream by introducing YouTube Red which allows VIP access to certain shows that were created to only be specifically shown on the website or app.  Some of the most popular youtube celebrities have created their own shows such as Joey Graceffa and his “Escape The Night” series featuring many other popular stars.

Most people seem to go onto streaming sites because it is easier and there are more shows on the sites rather than just television.

One other reason why many people switch over to streaming is because there are less commercial breaks or there are none at all.

One of the most annoying things is being interrupted by ads while watching your favorite show.

Netflix has seemed to be more popular because of the new series they keep coming out with.  They also got their popularity boom with the hit 90’s show “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” which is available to stream and with one of their newest series “Stranger Things”.

The show “Stranger Things” has been so popular they are coming out with a second season on Halloween.

Stranger Things also won big at this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards.  The lovely Winona Ryder has even gifted the internet with plenty of wonderful memes with her facial expressions while winning the awards.

As for Hulu, there have been many original series that the site has made and is wonderful for watching more recent movies.  However, Hulu does have ads while streaming.

For most people, being able to sit down and watch live television is a luxury.  Many high schoolers don’t have time because they need to catch up on work for school, or need to keep up with their social life.

The whole world keeps turning just like how we keep busy.  Everyone seems to only be able to watch their shows before they go to bed which results in a long binge black hole.

You say you will only watch one more episode, but do you mean it?

Since streaming apps have multiple seasons of the show at your fingertips, it’s hard to stop.  It’s almost like this generation enjoys sleep deprivation just so they can keep current with their favorite shows.

The main reason why streaming is favorable is because not only do you have all of this access, but you can watch it wherever you go.

All you have to do is be connected through wifi or enable your cellular data and you will be good to go wherever you go.

Are you willing to make the switch over to just streaming all of the current show?

For now, it looks like television has been slain by the mainstream.

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MHS Student News
Has Streaming Sites Killed The Television Star?