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Murray High School Wrestling

Sky Hazlewood

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For Murray High wrestlers, wrestling isn’t just a sport, but a way of life.

Wrestling teaches you a lot of life skills: discipline, responsibility, and hard work.

According to Brandon Alvarez, junior wrestler, wrestling has made him a “harder worker, and wants to succeed more.” Being on the mat has made him want to do better on the football field and in rugby.

Although wrestling seems like fun and games it can be “mentally challenging,” says Alvarez, “somebody else is trying to pin you, and you just have to keep going.”

With the responsibility of wrestling, you have the responsibility of keeping your grades up. According to Cooper Goff, junior wrestler, being on the wrestling team is keeping his grades in check, along with his life decisions.

Wrestling was not a hard decision for these wrestlers. Some joined because of the coaches and others joined because they wanted to take place in their father’s footsteps. Some even joined the team because their friends had talked them into it.

When it is just you and one other person fighting on the mat for the same thing, staying focused can get pretty tough. According to Thor Riches, Junior wrestler,  “Staying focused on everything, is the most challenging part.”

“The first two weeks is the hardest part of the season. It’s harder to get into shape at the beginning of the season because you’re not used to all of the conditioning but after that it gets pretty easy,” says Goff.

There’s one mindset that all of the wrestlers have in common: you just have to keep on going with what you are doing. No matter what happens, do not stop for nothing.

With challenges, comes rewards. According to Alvarez, it is his work ethic that is most rewarding, he became a harder worker. Seeing the progress to Riches Self is what he enjoys watching. “I’m just a different person since I have started wrestling,” he says.

“It doesn’t matter what your story is, where you are coming from, everybody is equal once they step onto the mat,” says Goff. When you are in the wrestling team, you are also in a brotherhood. Once you get on the mat, you are a different person, no matter the circumstances.

In this prodigious sport, motivation is key. “Sometimes you have to get over it. When your body hurts you just have to keep on going. Keep on practicing, and try your hardest,” says Alvarez.

Being the best they can be is what keeps these hardworking wrestlers motivated.

After all of the hard work the wrestlers put into the sport, winning a match is everything to them.

Of course there will be times that they do not win, but that does not mean they did not succeed. They still watch themselves grow into a different person, even without the win.

Wrestling is hard work, but once you put yourself through the hardest parts, it is a success no matter if you lose or win.


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Murray High School Wrestling