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Not my Super Bowl

Brooklyn Hall

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#NotMySuperBowl first trended on Twitter after the New England Patriots-Atlanta Falcons matchup was set two weeks ago, and then it came back after the Patriots pulled off a huge victory. The Falcons started this year’s bowl with a 28-4 lead, but after the halftime their comeback was intense and the fans were not happy with the turnout which is when the tweet started trending once again.

The hashtag is a nod to #NotMyPresident, which trended after President Donald Trump won the election and is a common battle cry seen on the signs of anti-Trump protesters. Many tweeters also claimed, “The Falcons won the popular vote,” just as Hillary Clinton did.

The patriot fans have called this a “train wreck of tastelessness” and that they need to get over the fact “their team lost in the greatest comeback victory in most recent history”.

Another thing that adds fuel to the flame is the fact that Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback, just happens to be a Donald Trump supporter. In one video, a “Make America Great Again” hat is shown in Brady’s locker room.

Although many people refuse to mix sports and politics, this year was an exception.



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Not my Super Bowl