Basics of Creation

Kat Winegar, Staff Writer

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The key to the future begins with the basics of science, technology, engineering, and math.  

As leader of STEM club in Murray High school, Aaron Daniels, a biological science teacher, explains a lot about about what the club is, what they do, and the specifics.  

Daniels began STEM club after one of his former students begged for Murray High to support it.  Although he is a Science Olympiad himself, (students who compete, or have competed, while in STEM club) Daniels is still figuring out how to prepare his students for what is to come.  

STEM club is based around the National Science Olympiad competition, which is where students present their projects inspired by a desire to learn more about science, technology, engineering and math, and how bringing these subjects into one can better improve the future.  

“STEM focuses on real world problem solving skills,” explains Daniels, “and is a fun way to learn”.  Members are encouraged to pick a topic they are interested in and base their projects around it.  

The club meets twice a month in Daniels’ room (334) to go over project(s) and what to expect at the competition.  

So far, the club is set up with 15 team members, who will represent Murray High at the competition.

However, Murray High students and 9th graders in Hillcrest Jr. High and Riverview Jr. High are still encouraged to join and broaden their interest in STEM topics and fields.

“It meets student’s needs to prepare and create and interest in science, which is important in this society,” concluded Daniels.

For any further questions about STEM and club meeting dates, inquire with Mr. Daniels at room 334.