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The Grab and Take Table

Everybody Needs Food

Christian Cox, Staff Writer

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Veronica Bustillos, Murray High School Gang Specialist, has dedicated herself to fulfilling the hunger of students by setting up a table at lunch in the commons for kids to leave their leftovers to be eaten by someone in need.

She calls it the “Grab and Take Table”.

The Grab and Take Table was not an easy idea to come by.

Over many years, Bustillos has seen hungry kids, from Oregon to Mexico, to Utah.

Bustillo said, “If we are about S.P.A.R, (Serve Participate Achieve and Respect) then why are we not serving our students?”

She shared a memory of kids digging through the trash can in between classes to find food to satiate their hunger, a memory that she said has stuck with her from her teen days to the present.

When announcing the Grab and Take Table, students rapidly began to partake in donating their food and they even started buying and bringing food to her office for the table.

Bustillo said, “We have stacks of food for students in need.”

Now that’s S.P.A.R.

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