Wonder Boy

Easton Nash Sprague

Helen Sullivan, Staff Writer

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While many students are student athletes, Murray High’s Easton Nash Sprague (11), gives a whole new meaning to this word.

Since the age of four, he’s developed a never-ending love for America’s favorite pastime; baseball.

Who would have ever guessed that this Oregon loving, Utah born and bred, baseball loving boy would become one of the most driven and hardworking individuals on every team he plays for, having won over 30 awards and trophies.

Putting in 10 hours of training a week (not including practice) Sprague has easily become one of the most hard-working student athletes at Murray High.

Having known Sprague since he was 12 years old, it’s safe to say he is one of the most dedicated and motivated 17-year-olds anyone would have the pleasure of meeting. 

Not to mention, he will make you feel totally lazy with just how much time he spends bettering himself at what he loves the very most.

This 17-year old’s monumental goal is to further his career in baseball by playing for a D1 college, and one day playing in the Major League.

When asked what team he would like to play for, he responded, “Boston Red Sox or the Giants. Giants because I just absolutely love the bay area and the Boston Red Sox because Boston just has so much history. You’d understand if you ever get a chance to go.”

The big leagues aren’t so far out of reach for Sprague.

Sprague grew up playing on traveling teams. These types of teams are always competitive, and have a tournament at least twice a month. Shockingly this much travel, at least two tournaments a month, all lasting about 3-4 days long has never conflicted with school.

At age 8, he began to travel all around the US to new and exciting cities; New York, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Georgia, just to name a few.

Having Played over 70+ tournaments all over the country, one especially memorable tournament sticks out in his mind.

While lying on his bed throwing a football in the air he recalled his all-time favorite tournament; Cooperstown, New York 2013.

“We were playing a team who just totally beat another team 64 to 0,” recalled Sprague, “we beat them 30 to 0.” 

Strong words for a flock of 12-year-olds with platinum blonde hair. Their team went on to be completely undefeated for the 2 weeks they were playing in New York.

A few years later, college offers began swarming in from all around the U.S. At tournaments he would have scouts come up to him, asking what colleges he was interested in, slyly suggesting the college they were scouting for.

Of course, young Sprague already had his heart set on playing for division one colleges, confidently knowing that he had a five-star chance of making it.

Many colleges have begun sending him offers. Just to name a few, Cal State, San Bernardino, Alabama State, have all began to take a rapid interest in his talent.

How many student athletes can confidently (and truthfully) say they have started to receive offers from division one colleges!

Even though he has his heart set on the big leagues, Sprague has been thinking more realistically lately. Regardless of what he chooses to do in life, he has an extraordinarily bright future ahead of him.

He says he would like to go into sports medicine or become a trainer as an alternative career path.

When asked why he’s interested in these two very different career paths, he explains that he “always wants to be around sports his entire life, no matter what happens.”

All in all, Easton Nash Sprague has such determination to do grandiose things in life. He knows exactly how he has to achieve his dreams and at age 17, he’s already halfway there.

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