What is FBLA?

Michal Johnson, Staff Writer

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 FBLA is short for Future Business Leaders of America. 

Murray High School has an FBLA club that meets twice a month to learn and prepare students in the club for careers in business. These students could work for other businesses or even start their own from what they learn. 

The Advisor for the FBLA is Mrs. Kay Adams. Mrs. Adams loves being the club leader. She really enjoys the business part of the club. “I love my club because I love business!” Adams said.


Students who have graduated come back to MHS to tell their story to others, and most of them come back with good experiences and advice for the rest of the students to learn from.


When asking Mrs. Adams why students should join her club, she replied with, “Meeting kids from all over the county, over 10,000 students will be going, what could go wrong?”


Having the FBLA on a college or job application looks amazing, and can build public speaking. The club goes over everything from individual, to pre-judged teamwork, to performance-only events, individual and teamwork. Building Leadership is a huge part in this club.


Over 230,000 students go to Nationals to find out who is the best. There is an application and a fee for national and state level.  It is too late to join this year, but it’s not too late for joining next year!


Today, the FBLA program helps to embrace youth in our country, with the hopes of them having the leadership skills it takes to be a good business person and to succeed in leadership within their schools and communities.