Wait…. We’re Still Not Equal?

Taking a look at how our nation has come so far, but still isn’t up to its full potential.

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Wait…. We’re Still Not Equal?

Helen Sullivan, Student Writer

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The fact that women’s rights is still an issue throughout the world, is nothing else but downright disgusting.  Although the feminist movement has made monumental impacts all throughout society, the sad fact is: We’re not even close to being equal.

Here are the shocking ways women aren’t equal to men in America:

Women have been oppressed for too long and have had to fight for their own civil rights like to vote and be accepted in a working environment. However, we’re still being underpaid for the same amount as work as a man does. By that it has been shown that women do just as much or more than a man, but a man will get paid more at the same job. According to Makers – “Women with full-time jobs still earn only about 77 percent of their male counterparts” earnings.

Not only is the pay gap an issue, but women are extremely underrepresented in politics, and minority groups suffer the most. The fact that these issues are still prominent in our society today is absolutely chilling and something must be done to finally put them to rest and give women the equality they deserve.

The pay gap is slowly but surely narrowing down. Women in the United States who work full- and part-time will only make 84% of what their male counterparts earn, according to the Pew Research Center. In other words, women need to work even more than their male counterparts, exactly 40 days (more) a year to make as much as men.

While women make up nearly 51% of the U.S. population, an astoundingly low 20% of the U.S. Congress is comprised of women, which—fortunately—makes the current Congress one of the most diverse in American history. So, that’s a win for us, clearly.

According to Danielle Kurtzleben from NPR, women make up around 19 percent of all members of Congress and less than 25 percent of all state legislators.

They also make up six of the nation’s 50 governors or 12 percent. So, next time sometime tries to tell you our society is equal, and we are not run by the patriarch, just whip out these stats for them.

Additionally, black women must work an extra 19 months to equal what white men did in a years’ time, according to the National Women’s Law Center.  

In general, black women who work full time and year-round make a whopping $19,399 less than a Caucasian man with the same exact work schedule.

That number is even worse for Hispanic and Latina women. That gap doesn’t go away with education; black women with a bachelor’s degree only make about $1.06 for every dollar a white man makes with just a high school diploma.

Overall, even with the prominent milestones, we have accumulated over the years, we still must keep fighting for equality of the sexes until we get what we deserve. Equal rights, for anyone or anything, should be an automatic given and you should never have to fight to make as much for the same amount of work done or have prominent double standards that scare you out of pursuing your dream job. Don’t give up hope and stick together in these challenging times.

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