Going Beyond the Classroom

Linley Hogan-teacher and world traveler

Kyler Simmons, Staff Writer

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An avid traveler, a lover of Indian food, a fan of history, and a teacher.

All can be said about Linley Hogan. From Machu Picchu and Cuzco in Peru, to Canada, Mexico, many states, and a 4 year stay in India, Hogan has seen it all. “A thousand places,” was the answer Hogan gave when asked where else she would like to travel to. “Anywhere out of here and I’m good,” Hogan remarked.

“I love California,” says Hogan when asked her favorite place to go. Hogan has a special liking for anywhere with a beach. Hogan is also an avid fan of the Indian Culture. “I love Indian food,” remarked Hogan. She spent 4 years in India when during a fall study.  

Being a teacher of history, it comes as no surprise that Hogan has visited many historical sites.  Hogan says she likes going to historical places because, “It’s different going there, seeing is different than studying.”

Her visits to places like Machu Picchu, Cuzco, and many national parks in the US, has only added to Hogan’s love of history.

Hogan allows her travels to influence her teaching. She feels it “gives a depth to it. Gives you a deeper understanding.”

And although Hogans students don’t get to be there themselves, she does her best to make them feel like it during her lessons.

When asked why being able to travel is important Hogan stated, “It gets you out of your norm and lets you see other things that you never knew could exist.” With a thousand more places to go, Hogan has a lot of opportunities to get out of her “norm.”

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