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Not Just an English Teacher

Syler Mattix, Student Writer

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Crystal Spackman,sometimes called “Spacky” by her family, is an English teacher found in room 317 at Murray High School.

Spackman is also a published author.

She loves to write and says that is “probably why most English teachers become English teachers.”

 She has always written in her life. It is a part of her. In 2014, she published her first book, “Gruesome Garden.” It can be found on Amazon, for those who wish to read it. 

It is a mystery, set in La Jolla, California. It is fictional, but in the middle of the book is found a non-fictional story that truly affected her, and that is where the inspiration of the book comes from.

Another inspiration for this story is the fact that she loves traveling and gardening.

“Gruesome Garden” is currently her only published book. She hopes to publish more in the future. She is always working on something when she can.

She says that it is tricky time wise to write novels and that writing is a huge part of being an English teacher. Spackman has two pieces of advice for those interested in writing: “Good writing can earn you money,” and “If you write well, it is a skill that will carry on throughout your life, money or no money.”



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