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Jessica Christenson-Ms. Murray

Mallory Buist, Staff Writer

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Jessica Christenson – Bringing a new HOPE to Murray.

When people think pageants and beauty queens they usually don’t have a very good outlook on them. Jessica Christenson is the newly reigning Miss Murray and is proving those stereotypes wrong. She says that she and the ones who know her best never saw her as “a pageant girl” and was surprised with how much she really enjoyed the process that got her to where she is today.

Jessica graduated from Murray High School in 2016. During her years at Murray High, she was an avid student, tennis player, and member of the drill team. If you saw her in the halls, she always seemed to be happy, but what her peers didn’t know was that Jessica was suffering from depression and social anxiety.

As the topic of depression still was not a widely talked about issue, Jessica looked for relief of her pain through self-harm, which eventually led to thoughts of suicide.

At this point, she knew she could no longer be silent about how she felt. She decided to reach out to those who cared about her.

Through others she was able to find relief and find happiness once again.

Because of her battle with depression, Jessica’s Ms. Murray’s  platform is on depression awareness and suicide prevention.

Her slogan is HOPE.

HOPE  stands for Hold On Pain Ends. She hopes to be able to start a suicide prevention program called SOS at Riverview Junior High, Hillcrest Junior High, and Murray.  She hopes that this program can create more kindness between students.

Her ultimate goal for this year is to have “no lives lost.”

Jessica’s advice to you, if you are dealing with depression, is to talk to someone.

Whether it’s a teacher, parent, counselor, or friend-just reach out. It may be hard, but it will help you in the end.

Remember Hold on. Pain ends!

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