Everything That Went Down on the Dance Floor

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Everything That Went Down on the Dance Floor

Breanna Haro, Editor

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Last Saturday, January 27th, Jr. Prom was held at Utah’s capitol where the students at Murray High School were dressed in their very best and danced their heart out on the dance floor.

Junior couples participated in the promenade where they were able to walk down the marble stair case and down a red carpet leading to the dance floor.  The couples would separate and walk down the staircase to meet in the middle where the boys would kneel on one knee and gift their date a red rose.

Most of the girls walking down the staircase were nervous of the dreaded slippery marble combined with heels, so many opted to take off their shoes minutes before to make sure their big moment wasn’t sabotaged by their clumsiness or anxiety. Several parents waited at the bottom of the stairs to snap a picture and capture the moment.

The Prom King and Queen, Griffin Bitton and Brynn Macdonald,were seen talking and dancing with the rest of the junior class and having the time of their lives.

The dance, with the theme “You and I”, was a success and moves that were shared on the floor allowed many from Murray to mingle with people they might not have known before.  A circle started to form and students encouraged one another to show off their signature moves, highlighting some of the best freestyle dancers at Murray.

Many thought that Prom was one of the best nights of their life, including junior Soraya Sivongsa who said, “Prom was so much fun, I’ve met so many people that I didn’t even know went to our school and definitely made some new friends.”

However, Prom today is different than it used to be. Prom isn’t just dinner and the dance. In fact, it has become a full day activity.

Many groups had breakfast, a day activity, dinner, pictures, and even a night activity after the dance.

This can make the whole day so hectic and overwhelming which brews a question…Is it worth it?

Mallory Buist, a senior, suggests that if groups are going to do a day activity, to skip out on the night activity or vice versa, because it helps to save money but still allows people to hang out before dinner and the dance.

Those who don’t attend Prom often say that the reason is because everything is so expensive. Tickets alone for the dance are $30.00.

However, Prom was definitely a night to remember and is something that every student should experience at least once during their time in high school.

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