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If you haven’t updated your snapchat, DO NOT UPDATE IT EVER! 4 out of 4 people do not like the Snapchat update and I’m not lying.  If you haven’t seen it, basically all your stories and snaps from your friends are on the left side of the app. While the popular stories like Kylie Jenner, DJ Khaled, Cosmopolitan, and many more are on the right side of the app.

It’s really confusing and has many Snapchat users wondering why?

“It looks like you’re stalking a person if you want to go look at their story.” Brienna Haro (Junior) stated.

While 100% of the people hate the update, 100% of the people aren’t going to delete it.

It’s like Mcdonalds. We know it’s bad and sometimes tastes gross but we’ll still eat it. So Murray High it looks like we’re still stuck in the era of streaks, filters, and great quality memes. It’s looking like there won’t be a Snapchat riot anytime soon so let’s protest things that do matter such as Equal Rights, Global Warming, or anything that gets your blood boiling.

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