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Why Prince Charming Needs To Go

Nate Brown, Writer

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On February 22nd, the annual Prince Charming assembly will take place. Every year 12 or 13 senior boys compete for the title of Prince Charming. The assembly is favored by a lot, and puts the candidates in humorous skits of sorts.

But today I’m here to say why it needs to go.

You can argue that this assembly objectifies men and treats them as a piece of meat. All for the entertainment of others. But if this exact concept were to take place, but with women, it would be sexist and misogynistic and the school would get in heaps of trouble. It’s nothing more than a hour long cat calling fest.

If we really want gender equality, there are two things we can do. Either have a Prince Charming assembly and a Princess Charming assembly, which would bring equality via objectifying both genders at an assembly. Or we can get rid of the Prince Charming assembly altogether.

The latter would be more likely over the former since there is no way we could get away with something like Prince Charming with women. So the best option is to get rid of it altogether.

Feminism on paper is believing that women are equal to men. But it’s very hypocritical to associate oneself as a feminist, while at the same time supporting this assembly just because it’s humorous. And trust me, I know of a couple people who say they’re feminist but also enjoy this at the same time. It’s nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black.

If Donald Trump is considered a sexist for making lewd jokes about women, then you are just as sexist for supporting this assembly.

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