“Old Teachers Never Die, They Just Lose Their Class”

Mr. Christensen retires after 26 years

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“Old Teachers Never Die, They Just Lose Their Class”

Kyler Simmons, Editor

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Many students would agree that spending three years at Murray High School is not nearly enough. 

 Monte Christensen must agree with this sentiment, because he has spent the last 26 years teaching at Murray High School.

He has taught everything from Electronics, Architecture, Design Technology, and Computer Aided Design to Black and White Photography, Computer Technology, and Financial Literacy.

As his twenty sixth year draws to an end, Christensen, although feeling some sorrow, is anxiously awaiting his retirement.

Christensen said he looks forward to retirement because he has over a hundred different hobbies to explore, and also enjoys riding his ATV with his wife, who is also happens to be retiring this year.

“I will miss Murray,” said Christensen. “It’s been a big part of my life for the last 3rd of a century.”

Christensen has decided to retire because of age, because he feels he is getting too old.

“I want to get out before I’m found drooling at my desk,” Christensen remarked. 

He also commented,“Old teachers never die, they just lose their class.”

Although he is sad to be leaving, he feels it’s a good time to say goodbye.

He said he hopes that he has made a difference in the lives of some of his students, and will miss them, as well as his colleagues.


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