P.L.T. Leads the School Year Into a Positive Outlook Starting with New Student Luncheon

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P.L.T. Leads the School Year Into a Positive Outlook Starting with New Student Luncheon

Brienna Haro, Editor

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Murray High’s very own Peer Leadership Team welcomed students who were new to Murray with open arms at their new student luncheon.  It was on September 6th, 2018 located in the Spartan Cove where students were able to mingle and make new friends.

PLT wanted to make sure that these new kids on the block had a couple of friendly faces to look for in the halls.  In the Spartan Cove there were sandwiches, chips, and soda for all to share.

Eugene Kennedy, a junior, felt grateful for this opportunity to meet new people and “meet all the wacky characters of Murray”.

When asked what the goal was for this function PLT member Soraya Sivongsa, a senior, said that they wanted new students to have a positive outlook for this school year and for new friendships to form.  Going through high school only knowing a few people is hard, so they wanted this luncheon to be a safe place for people to branch out and meet more people.

To break the ice when meeting the new students, PLT arranged a game where the students picked abstract questions out of a jar and everyone at the table had a turn answering.  This lead to the telling of funny stories and new bonds forming.

Eugene liked this experience so much that he is even considering trying out for next year’s team saying, “It sounds dank.”

Axel Barrios, a senior and fist time member of PLT, explained that the team is all about promoting social issues and keeping a positive attitude at Murray.  Eugene said he would be interested in joining because of this and wants to help make this school a better and more positive place by sharing his memes.

After making new friends at the luncheon, another new student Alyzia Rodenhurst (sophomore), liked the friendly community at Murray and felt like this helped out Murray’s overall vibe and said she can’t wait to graduate with her fellow peers.

Bobby Leffel, senior, has been on PLT ever since 9th grade and said that the luncheon’s turn out was about the same as previous years and was happy to see that the students were opening up and bonding with PLT members.

The atmosphere in Spartan Cove was definitely inviting and welcoming, making this a success for both for PLT and new students alike.

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