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Flex Time: A Recap

Taysia Chea, Writer

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For all of those confused by the so called “Flex Time”, fear not. Flex time is the period given to replace what we called “SSR” during second period last year. Thus allowing for students the choice to use their time properly and get help from teachers when needed.

Simply put, it is a fail or pass class period that allows for students to have more access to get help from teachers that you may not have had in past years.

Flex time is a required period and will affect a student’s GPA; if you do not show up it will be counted as a sluff. Flex is based entirely on attendance/tardies. If you are absent/tardy 9 or more times (including excused or unexcused) in one quarter you will fail Flex.

Students can request help from a specific teacher during the morning or the day before, and in return get the infamous bright orange “Flex Pass”. The pass allows students to see that teacher, after having taken roll, during the 30 minute period available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Students should use the given time to their advantage by:

  1. Requesting a flex pass from the teacher you want to see before 1st period or earlier.
  2. After taking roll in your Flex period, which has been assigned to you, show your assigned teacher the flex pass.
  3. Finally, take the flex pass with you to the teacher you requested. They will take the flex pass back as a record of attendance.
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