A Dancing Matter

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A Dancing Matter

Charmayne Sam, Staff Writer

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Lee-Chin has been teaching high school students for five years and community college students for to years. Lee-Chin has been a biochemist for four years as well.  She is from Los Angeles, California where she obtained her masters degree in biology from Loyola Marymount University. 

She decided to go into teaching because of the teachers she has had, which wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

When she would come home from school she would re-learn the material from her science class from her dad instead.

Lee-Chin thought by becoming a teacher she would be able to help out her community as well.

She decided to teach at Murray High School for two reasons. First, she is amazed by the Concurrent Enrollment program, and second, this school stood out to her in a good way.

But Lee-Chin is more than just the new biology teacher this year.

 “When I first saw the sugar plum fairy in the Nutcracker, that was when I pointed to the screen and said ‘I want to do that’ but my mom never really thought anything of it at the time,”Lee-Chin stated.

Lee-Chin decided she wanted to dance at age three while watching the ballet performance of the Nutcracker. She fell in love with the movement, music, costumes, the beautiful women and the deeper meaning behind each performance.

She felt that dancing was a way to release emotions and loved how the audience could understand the performers feelings just through the movement.

Lee-Chin also stated she has an egotistical side that likes to be in the spotlight, that she likes having people look at her.  

When she was three she begged her parents for months to take her to a ballet class, so her parents finally gave in and took her to the ballet school that was in the neighborhood.  

However, when they arrived, the ballet instructor said she was too young to start.

Lee-Chin felt otherwise, so while her parents were talking to the instructor, she snuck into the class full of four to five-year-olds and started to do the exercises along with them and left the instructor no choice but to let her stay.

Ever since then she has been dancing as a freelancer for eleven years. She has appeared in stage productions, independent films, and music videos. For example, she was a dancer in the My Chemical Romance music video for their song “Helena” off their album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge released in 2005.

She was also apart of  La Traviata, an Italian opera stage production.

If that is not enough, she is also a certified ballet instructor and taught at the Los Angeles Ballet Academy for four years.

Lee-Chin studied at the Royal Academy of Dance, Rock School of dance in Philadelphia, and Marat Daukayev School of Ballet in west Los Angeles. Lee-Chin doesn’t dance much ballet anymore because of a toe injury and considers herself a retired performing artist.

She does, however, show interest in jazz, contemporary, ethnic dances such as German and Eastern European dances.

“Teaching is like performing for me” said Lee-Chin. “ When you’re in front of the class it feels like being on stage.”

As her experiences as a performer she has endurance and has learned to separate her emotions from her career. This shows how aware she is of her own feelings and knows how to control them and not let it interfere with her teachings.

Mrs. Lee-Chin is more than your average teacher, she is an artist that is committed to what she loves.

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