Earn Those Pocket Points

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Earn Those Pocket Points

Akiko Ishikawa, Staff Writer

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Want to earn prizes for not being on your phone? Download Pocket Points.

Pocket Points is an app for students to earn points while not being on their phone. This app can be used during school, when hanging out with friends and even while you’re working.

In order for you to use it, download the “Pocket Points” app and fill out your information. Then open the app and lock the phone.  For every 10 minutes, Pocket Points gives out one point.

You can also set goals on how long you want to be off your phone. When setting longer goals, you can earn more points.

Pocket Points has been an app since fall of 2014. It was founded by Rob Richardson and Mitch Gardner. They created this app in response to professors wanting their students to be more engaged in their school work and classes.

But professors did not want to have to monitor all of their student’s screen time, so, to make it easier they decided to create the app.

The app is used at over 200 schools in the United States and Canada. It is available on both ios and android devices.

After gaining points, users can receive discounts at local and online businesses. There is a map on the app to see where you can and cannot use them.

Some teachers may have created their own system to reward students for using the Pocket Point app in their classroom.

For example, Mrs. Mckay has a pantry full of snacks. For 50 points you can get a small snack such as Goldfish crackers. For 60 points you can get a Cup of Noodles.

She believes that “a lot of kids are using them even multiple times a day.” She decided to do Pocket Points because she believes that eating food helps kids focus during the day.  

Some students are responsible for packing their own lunch but don’t have enough time to get it prepared, so this system helps them earn their lunch just in case they forgot to bring one.

Other teachers like Mrs. LaFortune and Mrs. Binggeli give prizes for using Pocket Points, too. They offer extra credit points,  an option to drop an assignment or a Spar Card.

Pocket points is a great way to earn rewards for this school year.  

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