Navigating the the streets of chicago

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Navigating the the streets of chicago

Brienna Haro, Editor

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Chicago is an exciting city and the streets surely reflect that. Chicago wouldn’t be Chicago without horns going off every few minutes, honking at other drivers, or walking pedestrians.

While visiting the Windy City for the National High School Journalism Convention, the Journalism Staff mainly tried three different types of transportation to navigate the streets of Chicago: riding the CTA Bus, using a Lyft, and plain and simple walking.

Since none of the staff knew Chicago like the back of their hand, finding the bus stops and figuring out the schedule was challenging at first but was easy to grasp after finding a map showing all the stops and routes.

If you ever want to stand out in Chicago, just run after a bus.  Not only is it exhilarating, but it’s a recommended touristy thing to do. In fact, that’s what happened on this particular journey. 

Lyft was a great experience and a handy tool to use. Whenever a ride is needed, just pull up the app and select the driver that fits for you or your group. However, it is wise to check not only how many stars a driver has but the passenger reviews as well.

There was one driver half of the staff encountered that was trying to ask for directions to a common tourist destination and even ran over a curb.

The scariest part of that drive was trying to figure out the round-a-bout with the driver. Horns were honking from all sorts of directions. The staff was happy to get out of that car and praised the ground after they reached the Navy Pier.

Even though walking can be a pain, it’s definitely a preferred method when wanting to get a vibe of the city. The life in Chicago is exciting and upbeat, and being able to emerge yourself in that was the best. In fact, walking is the way most people get around in Chicago.

Sure, your feet might hurt a little at the end of the day, but being able to stand right next to those skyscrapers was definitely worth it.

While walking in the city, it is best to go in groups, especially at night.  Certain parts of Chicago are dangerous but when taken on with bravery, courage, and some of your best friends, it doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

At the end of Journalism’s trip to Chicago, everyone found a new confidence within themselves while navigating the streets.

We loved taking on Chicago one step at a time.

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