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Prop 4-2-0

Taysia Chea, Editor

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A Big Step In Utah’s Medical History!

November 6th, 2018, a seemingly normal day in Utah; yet just beneath the surface people were impatiently awaiting the results of the ongoing voting.

Voting is a big event all throughout the country, and can be proven by the amount of advertising and promotion there is for it during this time of the year. You can even register to vote while being under the age of a legal adult! Many teens your age even give speeches to large groups of people about why you should vote.

One of the propositions we as a Utah citizen were allowed to vote on was the legalization of medical marijuana.

The proposition determined whether or not patients in Utah should be allowed the legal right to the access of medical marijuana.

On Tuesday the votes showed that Utahns voted ‘yes’ 53% to 47%.

 The most common use of medical marijuana is for pain control. While it isn’t strong enough for severe pain, it is effective for chronic pain such as ones that grow over time with a person’s age or even cancer.

Although medical marijuana is usually thought of as a negative drug, the way we extract certain components from the plant is able to give the patient relief without giving them a high.

Nonetheless, Utahns voted yes for the prop and have thus allowed for it to be considered further into how exactly it will be implemented into the law. Hopefully we as a state can figure out how to allow for the proper use of medical marijuana and allow for people to get effective pain relief.

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