Are “U” Going to be Able to Graduate?

Should people with the credits to graduate not be able to receive a diploma because of the U policy and attendance policy?

Akiko Ishikawa, Writer

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At Murray High School, one of the qualifications to receiving a diploma is having no U’s.

U’s are determined on your attendance and behavior.

I think that U’s should be determined on your behavior only. Whether you graduate or not should’nt be based on your attendance.

People tend to have emergencies, physical and mental illnesses, etc. If they have the grades and credits to graduate it means they’ve put in the work no matter how many times they have been absent.

Receiving a behavioral U means that you were not respectful to your teachers or classmates, which is a factor that is very important to learn and gain while you are growing up.

Why should kids that have put in the effort and respected the people around them have to not graduate because of the absences they have had throughout their high school years.

You can get a U from just 4 excused absences.

Excused means it has been confirmed by a parent and approved by them. Why should you have to get a U for that? You shouldn’t.

A junior at Murray who has no problem attending school says he doesn’t mind the U policy because it isn’t hard to get a U.

Which is great for them.

I also had the opportunity to interview someone who graduated last year but had missed school for personal issues and had to go to many detentions.

He said,  “I believe the attendance policy is too strict. Most people aren’t intentionally not going to class. Most people have things they need to take care of.”

Yes, their parents can always excuse them but not all “parents have the time to do that because they are very busy people too and can forget sometimes.”

And with detentions that you would have to go to make up your U’s can make things worse. For example if you have work, errands, extracurricular activities after school you can’t always go to afternoon detention and on top of that you will most likely have homework which can take up all of your time at night and leave you sleep deprived making early morning detentions not easy at all.

I personally have had experiences where I just can not push myself to get out of bed because of the people around me at school and a mental illness. A lot of things can stop you from going to school. Why should having an illness, depression, anxiety and many others have to stop you from graduating when you’ve still done everything you can to learn the material you need and pass the classes necessary.