Is the United States Divided?

Ethan Kearns, Writer

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Many decades have gone by and the United States has been “united.” Sure, many citizens have differences, especially political differences, but at the end of the day we shook hands and went on our way.


But take a look at America today. It certainly isn’t the America I’ve been told about by teachers during elementary school. We have become very divided as American citizens, and it is easy to see in the media, or just by discussing a political matter with someone else who thinks differently.

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Asking the question many ask, where did we go wrong? Well, it’s hard to find just where American citizens took the wrong turn on the path to a grand America.

But you can see in the generations after the “dreaded” Baby Boomers, we’ve all lost what made us Americans and what made the United States well, united.

Where do we find this? Well, it can be found in our history.

Today’s American citizens have a major disconnect in our nation’s history. The birth of this very nation was a grand, exciting, and perilous journey. Sure it has bumps in the road, but that doesn’t mean we have to shun it.

If we want a united nation once again, we need to embrace our past, and learn from our faults. We can’t stand around, be sheltered from America’s faults, and become offended by every single mistake this nation has made.

Citizens of the United States need to grow up, and learn that culture changes as time goes by. Our way of thinking is very different from when this nation was made up to the present.

Of course that doesn’t make the United State’s bumps and patches in the road fixed, but is it certainly shows us that we are capable of change as time goes on. We need to learn from this; it’s only one out of the many examples that lead to why we are so divided as a nation today.

Another thing that’s causing such a big division is the recent political climate. It is a very heated time in American politics, and is a rather touchy subject.

Both Republicans and Democrats are at each other’s throats, and anyone can clearly see evidence. United States citizens who think politically differently from one clash heads and throw fists instead of having a “civil” conversation. So what’s the deal?

Well, the rise of a divided nation can could be sensed ever since Mr. Trump gained presidency. But how can a president cause a political division?
Well, Mr. Trump is a very opinionated president and he is not afraid to speak his opinions, even if those opinions are controversial.