Anyone’s Choice

Merrick Webb, Writer

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Have you ever wanted to ask that special person out to a school dance but then realized you couldn’t, because it was either a girl’s or boy’s choice, and it wasn’t your turn?

Well, I believe that dances should be for anyone to ask anyone!

At Murray High we don’t have any dances where anyone can ask anyone. All of our dances are only boys or girls choice. How about we add anyone’s choice to the mix?

Many may say, “At least we have a girls choice,” which allows greater empowerment for women. However, there is an ugly truth that is hidden behind the shadows of the Sadie Hawkins dance.

The Sadie Hawkins dance was established on November 15, 1937. It is a dance in which instead of males asking who they want, it’s females who get to ask instead.

Truthfully and sadly it got started from a comic book called Li’l Abner. But the reasoning behind creating a girls choice dance is not so sweet. In the comic there’s a girl that is considered “ugly” and is not married yet. She is named Hekzebiah Hawkins.  

Hekzebiah’s father doesn’t want to be stuck with her, so he creates a day where she can get someone to marry her. This is seen as funny because the males are told to run, and the one that his daughter catches will be her husband. Everyone runs, but no one stops or takes a chance on the girl.  

That may have been funny then, but it’s not funny now. Times have changed and we don’t want to keep this memory alive. The empowerment women once thought we had has been flipped.

That’s why we need a new idea that has a great meaning, and it is called Anyone’s Choice.

However you self identify you can choose who you go with.

Sophomore, Rachel Bonney, said that she believes that Anyone’s Choice dances could be “confusing,” because no one will know who to ask or who has been asked.

Although one thing she said struck me. It calls for the compromise of both our current dances and Anyone’s Choice. She started, “Doing anyone’s choice isn’t a bad idea and it could be cool if they did all three, like some dances girls choice” like Fall Ball and Spring Fling.”Some dances are boys choice,” Homecoming and Prom. “And some dances anyone’s choice.”

Why haven’t we done this sooner? With the increase in LGBTQ community people should be able to ask whomever they want.

Sadie Hawkins dances don’t have a good message, but the comic strip created something great for women. A chance to have a choice; this also helped with women empowerment.

We don’t have to toss away our traditions, I believe we just need to add a new one, and this new one is Anyone’s Choice.

Anyone’s Choice will give empowerment to the LGBTQ community.

Ladies let’s give them the chance we got, and men let’s make a new kind of unification in our schools. Empowerment is not only a gift, but a need. Let’s make it shine.