Mason Holman-More Than an Athlete

Sara Shober, Editor

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“Probably a large meal from Mobettas and a Coke would be my ideal meal.”

That’s what Senior wrestler Mason Holman is excited to eat after the wrestling season ends. During the season, he sacrifices many things because he wants to be the best he can be. He gives up sleep, some social events, and certain types of food and drinks. “[In the season] I have to give up many things, but it is all worth it to me!”

Holman isn’t just a wrestler as he participates in several things at MHS. He is the president of  Men of Sparta, president of Skills USA carpentry chapter, a member of the National Honor Society, and a Sterling Scholar in skilled and technical sciences.

All these activities are time consuming, so it ends up costing him a few weeks to months out of the school year.

As a wrestler, Mason is talented. Last year he almost placed at a state tournament. This year his goal is to build his team as a whole and become region champions. His personal goal is to place at State and earn his name on the State placers board. Since Mason was so close to placing last year, he is even more determined this year.

Holman wrestles because he loves how it pushes him to do hard things and how it helps him become a better person. Every day and every practice, wrestling challenges him physically and mentally.

“I love competing and representing my school.” However, Mason does not plan on playing in college unless a good opportunity presents itself.

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