Hangover 101: Holiday Edition

"Thanksgiving in a Blanket"- Recipe Link in Story

Rilyn Boss, Editor

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Holiday season, the one time a year that you feel like you’ll never touch food again for as long as you live and then the pie comes out. By then time you’re done, your stomach hurts, you have leftovers for days and if you are like millions of people around the United States, you feel like you overdid yourself the day before.  Have no fear, you can get over your holiday  hangover in a snap! With three small tips you will feel like yourself again.

  1. Water is you best friend: That’s right, drink all the water you can. This will help you feel refreshed and ease your way out of that heavy feeling.  Make sure to keep hydrated so that your sodium levels don’t make you feel unbalanced and uneasy.  
  2. Don’t forget to eat:  Alongside keeping water in your system is what you eat that day, so do not skip a meal. This will affect how much you eat later, creating an opportunity to overeat once again.  Instead, opt for the lighter meals that are packed with fruits and veggies!
  3. Work out: Working out can also help you feel more like yourself so get those endorphins pumping. It doesn’t have to be intense at all, a simple walk could do. Just as long as you get moving, you will back to normal and in no time.

Now to tackle the amount of leftovers you will have, no one can eat turkey for weeks on end, right? With some simple and creative recipes from Pinterest, you’ll be just fine. A couple popular ones are Thanksgiving pot pie soup , mashed potato bites and even a turkey in a blanket.  These are easy and fairly healthy dishes that can help get you feel more excited about your leftovers and get you feeling better!

Recipe Links:

Turkey Soup


Thanksgiving in a Blanket (featured image)


Mashed Potato Bites


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