Haunted Woods

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Haunted Woods

KelliAnn Holloway, Writer

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The Haunted Woods was an experience both friends and family could enjoy. It was one to remember when walked through. There were many great things about it from buying the tickets, standing in line, walking through the actual woods, to getting hot chocolate and doughnuts. The best part was that the money earned helped to fight child abuse in Utah.

When asked the question of “How was it being a part of the Haunted Woods?” most of the actors would reply with, “ It was a fun experience,” and boy did it look like fun. When walking through you got stopped by actors at the beginning who explained the woods and tells the tiny humans that if they can’t handle the scares  they can say “ghouls be gone!” and the scary people would go away.

They then began to walk you through the woods where there were scary scarecrows, wicked witches, creepy clowns, spooky spiders and many more to scare the people who dared to walk through. But there were more than just scares, there were sound effects that made the experience feel like it was  apart of a horror scene.

Of course the nature itself did a lot of work with giving the whole event the “real” creepy feel.

With the leaves crunching under your feet and the small wind blowing through your clothes it left you holding hands with the person you were with and wondering when the next scare was going to come.

Throughout the woods you could enjoy the view, the costumes, and the sweet smell of fall.

At the end of the walk through you received hot chocolate and a doughnut to enjoy.

Overall, the Haunted Woods was one for the books. Every year they have the best actors and the best time entertaining others and leave people still talking about it all the way into the next fall.

The Haunted Woods didn’t let down the people of Murray.  

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