Tis the Season…for Work, Work, and More Work

Jacey Brown, Writer

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means it’s also beginning to look like a blizzard of work, school, and festivities for students at Murray High School.

Senior Renee Harper works at Chuck-A-Rama, juggling classes like AP English and Yearbook (for which she is an editor) in her spare time. “These two classes alone take up every ounce of time I have before and after work,” she says.

The holidays are a cheery time, of course, but as anyone with a job knows, the season brings long hours, along with the pressure of schoolwork and family events. The most recent U.S. Census shows that one in four high school students have part time jobs – that totals up to at least three million high school students working nationwide.

With the end of the semester (January 17th) quickly approaching, how is Murray’s student body coping with the fast-paced rhythm of it all?

Harper describes her whirlwind of holiday plans, including driving straight from work to a family Christmas party, visiting other family members, and making it home in time to get some homework done and spend some time with family. This is just one glimpse at how busy the holidays can be for a high school worker.

“I have to work extra hard to try to get home at least 15 minutes earlier than usual just to get a chance at getting anything done for the next day,” says Harper.

Still, working during the holidays isn’t all bad, she says. “Every December I buy $300-$400 worth of different flavored candy canes. I also buy a Santa hat and offer candy canes to all the children and parents that are sat in my section. (…) Who doesn’t like making kids smile?”

Despite the stress, the danger of leaving work late at night, and the lack of money she deals with, Harper does recommend getting a job in high school. “It may not be easy, but I’ve found a way to balance school and work that works for me.”

Stay strong and stay safe with your jobs, Spartans. Happy Holidays.

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