The Battle Between Grades: Penny Wars

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The Battle Between Grades: Penny Wars

Akiko Ishikawa, Writer

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PLT has paired up with UHHR, Utah Health and Human Rights, to raise money for their cause. This money goes to people who need help with “ health, dignity, self-sufficiency of refugees, asylees, and immigrants who have endured severe human rights abuses, including torture.”

The school wide goal was to raise $500 within the month of December. When reaching this goal they made the promise for all the students to receive an hour lunch.

PLT was able to find a way for everyone in the school to participate by making it a battle against one another. This way, while helping others we can also make the most of it and have a lot of fun.

Penny wars was a war between sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The rules of penny wars were as follows: When you donated pennies and dollars and it would count as positive points toward your grade however, when you donated silver coins such as nickels, dimes, and quarters, it would count  negative points towards that grade.  Students from all different grades would put pennies and dollars in their own grades jar and put silver coins in other grades jars so that their score would go down.

It was very interesting to continue to hear the results of penny wars. From the very beginning of the war, the juniors were already in the negative range and were the laughing stock of the grades at first, but alas were able to come right back up the next day into first place.  Throughout the war, the seniors and juniors were battling head to head but in the end, the seniors came out on top and showed that it really is their year.  It was clear that they were making the most out of their last years in High School wanting to make a difference and raise enough money to help support UHHR.

With all of the donations, the school was able to raise over $500 to go to UHHR. Which means we will be able to receive an hour lunch during the month of January.

Even though Penny wars is over, there are still ways you can help PLT while donating to UHHR by purchasing the Spartan Spirit Package that entails a lot of goodies that you can get by going to school events.

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