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Taysia Chea, Editor

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Official blood drive poster

Naomi Crespo, a Murray High school senior, is onto her second year in sponsoring this “Leader Saves Lives” blood drive. This year the blood drive will be held at the Murray Recreation center, January 12th from 8:30am to 2:00pm.

“It’s important because of the impact that you can make on someone’s life”, Naomi states when asked why she would sponsor this blood drive. If you want to make an impact, even if it may be in the smallest way possible, you can do something as easy as donating blood. Patients in hospitals undergoing treatment for injuries, for example those suffered during an accident, often rely on donated blood. Naomi goes on to evaluate that “You can save three lives just by donating”.

Anyone under the age of 18 who would like to donate must come with a permission slip that you can print from the American Red Cross’ website. The website also states that you as a donor should make sure to be well rested and hydrate beforehand along with eating a variety of iron-rich foods. This is done to ensure the amount of hemoglobin, a protein that carries iron and oxygen through your body, is high enough. If it is too low you will be asked to wait to donate.

While the process to donate blood only takes about 8-10 minutes, you can be there for about an hour from the time you arrive. Upon arrival you’ll be asked for a form of ID and be given a pamphlet of basic information about the process of blood donation and it’s importance. Finally, they will ask you to inform them of your health history in order to ensure you’re eligible to donate. The process is as easy as that! You’re even given snacks and refreshments afterwards in order to ensure you’re able to continue your normal daily routine.

Though Naomi is busy working and studying she wishes to continue sponsoring the blood drive and promote it to students who aren’t aware of the small good deeds that available for them to do. This blood drive is such a high priority for her that she even asked for work off this Saturday, emphasizing to her superior that she “most definitely” needed this day off. Sadly enough, Naomi got scheduled for work and will not be able to attend and personally greet both friends, family, and or school mates who decide to come and donate. Despite this fact she hopes that students will still decide to attend and donate blood with the staff who she ensures are very kind people and will treat you with the utmost care during your visit. 

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