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Sara Shober

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“I was distraught.” Those are the words of Colton Gardner when he broke his foot the summer before his junior year. That summer he couldn’t participate in a single summer football practice. The second week of August rolled around and Colton could finally start playing again and Colton was determined to start Varsity. When asked about how he had felt about coming back after the summer Gardner stated, “I finally came back the second week of August, and I had to work really hard to get ready for the season in two short weeks.”

That was just his first obstacle, as another injury was looming during his senior season.

Colton’s second injury occurred in the last region game of the football season. He hurt his MCL (Medical Collateral Ligament), the broad thick band that runs downward on the inside of the knee. “It was one of the worst days of my life. I had to go on a four-hour bus drive home with a busted knee, and the knowledge that my season was over.”

This season the Murray Football team progressed to the playoffs. However, with this injury, Colton was forced to stay on the sideline and watch.

Now, with the football season over, Colton has wasted no time in getting his knee stronger for college.

While he was dealing with these injuries, Gardner was not alone. He received help from several people. The first person to help him was Murray’s athletic trainer, Clint Edvalson. “He helped me get my knee healthy, and he always left me with hope knowing that my knee was going to be healthy,” Gardner said.

Coach Drew Rykert is also helping him get stronger in the weight room and of course, his teammates and Coach Todd Thompson were there supporting and helping Colton as well.

And finally, speaking on his parents he said, “[his Mom & Dad] were always caring for me and wanted to make sure that I was as happy and as healthy as possible.”

One can only imagine how much those injuries hurt and how much of a struggle it was for him. Colton has been playing football since he was ten years old and in that time, he’s only played for Murray. His love for the game of football runs deep as his love pushes and drives him. Gardner uses this passion for the game to become the best possible player he can be. His teammates also help drive him towards success as he never wants to be one to let them down.

Colton is set on having a future in football and looks forward to the future and has set goals that he’s always trying to achieve. Southern Utah University and Weber State University have been in contact and have shown interest in Colton.  However, no official scholarship has been offered from either school at this time. Gardner will know his future sometime in the month of January 2019.

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