Once Upon a Prince Charming

Karrie Norton, Editor

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A sacred Murray tradition is that of Prince Charming, a reversal of roles where 13 boys are vie for the title of Prince Charming.

One of Murray’s SBO’s, Amelia Kessler says, “Prince Charming is my favorite assembly of the year, it shows a new side of boys you never would have imagined.”

The boys are nominated by clubs and sports teams for the female student body to vote on. 

This allows for more representation of the wide variety of boys here at Murray High.  One suggestion that has been made by Mrs. Adams is to have the voting process go on during our flex period.  This way all female students will have the opportunity to vote for their Prince Charming in an easier and more convenient fashion.

After voting, only 13 will go on to compete in a pageant-like competition in an assembly on February 15th,  that includes talent, swimwear, and a choreographed group dance. Once the judges, built from Murray High’s faculty, whittle down the number of contestants to 3, they are asked to answer a question in front of the audience. The answer the 3 contestants give will help determine who is Murray High School’s 2019 Prince Charming.  

Though it seems that Prince Charming has been a permanent fixture in Murray High’s traditions. This year’s MAG director, Ms. Hatch, said, “It hasn’t really changed [through the years], it’s been the same thing and constant…” 

Many Spartans hold this tradition near to their heart, including Ms. Hymas, a past MAG director. “It’s been a fun tradition at Murray that everyone enjoys,” Hymas said about the decades-old event.

Ms. Rydalch, also a past MAG director noted that, “The boys practice a lot and they actually take it seriously… they want to win.”

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